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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Main Raw Material:
Furniture Paint, MDF
Application Method:
Powder Coating
Brand Name:
Nan Pao


Best choice for MDF coating

These products are made and produced by Nan Pao Resin Chemical Group, Viet Xuyen is proud to be their authorized distributor in Vietnam and ASEAN countries for POWDER COATING. Our product has be approved by domestic and International users. And quality is controlled by Nan Pao Resins Chemical Group


Nhung san pham nay phat trine va san xuat boi tap doan hoc chat Nan Pao, Viet xuyen tu hao la dai ly doc quyen cua ho tai Vietnam va khu vuc Dong Nan A cho dong san pham SON BOT. San pham cua chung toi da duoc cong nhan boi khach hang trong va ngoai nuoc. Hon the nua chat luong san pham dc quan ly chac che boi tap doan Nan Pao


This series of products use ultra-low temperature resin and pigment to be processed and produced, it can be curing in 130oC to 200oC, it coating film hard, solvent resistance is good, will not influence their character by the cold thermal cycle, and a copy of series of products accord with ROHS relevant regulation, it is the best choice of the MDFcoating


Dong san pham nay dung cao su tu nhiet do thap va bot mau de san xuat. Co the kho o nhiet do tu 130oC den 200oC. San pham cho lop phu cung, voi kha nang khang dung moi cao , quan trong hon la chu ki lanh ko anh huong den tinh nang cua be mat phu son. Dong san pham nay dat tieu chuan ROHS ve bao ve moi truong . Thich hop cho son be mat go MDF